Mikado Cake

The Mikado is a masterpiece of taste sensations, merging and marrying to create a desert of incomparable sophistication. Starting with a base of light, fluffy pastry, then progressing to layers of pastry and cream that combine to entrance the palate.

The Mikado is a masterful symphony of flavors; a light opera cake of flavor notes balancing and enhancing the perfection of the confection. The hints of cream and dark chocolate, sugar and spices making the Mikado dessert a delight! The texture is a complex balance of lightly crunchy and soothing, velvety sweetness, each bite giving forth a delicious balance of this most delicious of pastries.

To experience the symphonic pleasures of the palate that is the Mikado for yourself, visit the Las Vegas bakery, your home for the Mikado.

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