Cappuccino Mousse Cup

One of the most delicious ways to treat yourself at our bakery is with some delectable Cappuccino mousse. This delicate dessert offers a splash of cinnamon cloaked in delicious cappuccino and chocolate flavors. The creamy, fluffy texture makes our Cappuccino mousse the perfect dish to have with a coffee drink after a hearty dinner. The cute chocolate cup also makes this a great gift for the coffee lover in your life or as a finger food at your next social event.

These creamy Las Vegas pastries were designed for coffee lovers looking to treat themselves to something sweet and savory. Let the dark chocolate dance with your taste buds in a sea of Cappuccino mousse as you give your mouth the flavors you have always desired. Come on over to our bakery and try some of our velvety smooth, creamy, rich Cappuccino mouse that will tantalize your taste buds for weeks.

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