Birthday Cake Harry Potter

All Custom Cakes Must Be Ordered At Least 24 Hours In Advance. Who cares if the owl never arrived? In the magical world of Harry Potter, an owl can arrive at any time of your life, even when you turn 25! We will make this magical Harry Potter themed cake, with the iconic eyeglasses, the snitch, and a note made of edible parchment. We will also decorate the cake with a House scarf. Whether your friend is a Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, or Gryffindor, their cake will suit the color palette! Don’t worry, we’ll make the cake for you even if you’re a Slytherin, just don’t let your very powerful father know about it. The cake is approved by the Ministry of Magic, is in compliance with Hogwarts terms and conditions, and is wired to turn your birthday party into a school-wide celebration
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