How to Surprise Your Wedding Guests with Catered Sweets

Are you getting married and looking for something unique to serve at your wedding? That’s understandable! After all, it’s your special day and you probably want to make sure that it is as memorable as possible. Since wedding cake bakeries offer a wide selection of delicious treats in addition to wedding cakes, why not wow your guests with an unexpected surprise? Here are a few ideas to consider!

Late Night Snacks

Why not provide an assortment of wedding cake stands filled with a medley of tasty treats to your guests at the close of the reception? Tiny pastries covered in chocolate, honey glaze, or powdery sugar are sweet and delicious snacks that your guests are sure to love!

Roving Wait Staff

Instead of placing a tray of wedding cake cupcakes on the dessert table, arrange for the wait staff to carry a tray of confectionery sweets around the reception room. Choose frosting in shades that complement the color choices you’ve made for your wedding décor for a special look. You can even place them on a wedding cake stand identical to the one you chose for your wedding cake!

Goodie Bags

Some of your guests are probably coming from far away, and a goodie bag is sure to be appreciated. Have the caterer place a few wedding cake treats in a small bag that is tied with a colorful ribbon.

Table Display

Not all receptions feature a dessert table these days. Wedding cake prices and the cost to host the entire event are often cited as reasons why the happy couple decides to eliminate the dessert table. As a result, your guests are going to be thrilled if you choose to set up a dessert table filled with special display of cookies, wedding cake cupcakes, and candies. Set your wedding cake topper in the center of a table display for a special look!

Keep It a Secret

If you really want to surprise your guests with a special treat, make sure that you have the caterers wait until the right moment to place the sweets on display. This shouldn’t be difficult to do, especially if you set a specific time for this event to occur!

Choosing Your Catered Sweets

It’s important to speak with you’re the Las Vegas bakery preparing your catered sweets to find out which ones to choose. If you are expecting your guests to eat the treats while attending the reception, anything should be fine. On the other hand, if you think that the treats are going home in a goodie bag, then you’ll want something that is going to hold up well.

Wedding cake pops are small enough to tuck into a goodie bag, and they hold up well. Wedding cake cupcakes are tempting to eat and make an excellent choice for a snack at the reception.

Why Provide Catered Sweets?

While the goal of appetizers is to have your guests wanting more, your selection of catered sweets should be chosen based upon their ability to satisfy a person’s craving for something sweet and delicious. Wedding cake bakeries offer lots of special treats! All you have to do is ask your local Las Vegas bakery!