Wedding Cake Nice and Elegant Classic


A bride has all the freedom to go wild with wedding ideas! You probably have 5 themes, 10 color palettes, and thousands of guests in mind. But let’s make things clearer. Presenting our Nice and Elegant classic wedding cake.

Built in 2 layers, this cake can match any theme of a modern wedding you have in mind. The first layer is spray-painted with an edible metallic paint. A string of pearls is holding the base. The second layer is covered with clean white frosting, with no distractions or unwanted extravaganza.

The design is complemented with an exotic white flower on the side. We’ve reserved the top for cake toppers or anything else you’ll find necessary.

By the way, this cake will also be perfect for elegant birthday gatherings, you don’t need a groom to party with friends!

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  • Double-layer cake
  • The first layer is spray-painted with edible metallic dye
  • The second layer is covered with minimalistic white frosting
  • Decorated with pearls, stripes, and an exotic flower
  • Personalization available


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