Wedding Cake Lonely Groom

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Want to add some innocent humor to your wedding? Wedding cake toppers are the ideal place to start from. Our Lonely Groom classic wedding cake will paint numerous smiles and laughs on the faces of your guest-list.

This beautiful 4-level cake unites the all-time classic colors of white, black, and beige. Besides the base layer, decorated with delicate white rose petals, the rest of the cake radiates with minimalism and simplicity. The showstopper, however, will entertain your party at the top of the cake. Don’t worry, we promise your bride will finish her shopping on time. Remember to start your married life with a smile, order this Lonely Groom classic cake from our Las Vegas bakery.


  • Delivers simplistic beauty, elegance, and tasteful style
  • Each tier is beribboned with wide swaths of fondant and trimmed at the base in a row of glittering pearlized embellishments
  • Featuring an enchanting wedding cake topper


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