Purple Rose Graduation cake

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You have the friends, the memories, and now you need a cake to complete the preparations for your graduation party! You’ve been waiting for this moment for years, so we want to make sure that your cake resembles the wait and the exciting new adventures you’ll have very soon.
Our Purple Graduation cake was designed and baked in our Las Vegas bakery. We’ve put much thought, care, and good wishes into both layers. We’ve also covered it in silky white frosting, decorating the base of each layer with purple icing. The top is reserved for your graduation cap and a couple of lush purple roses.
We’ve also used the surface of the cake to deliver the day’s message. Whether you want to remember the date, or display a quote, or add a note to yourself for the future, we’ve made sure you have enough space for it. Send your message, and we’ll send you a cake to remember!



  • Double-layer cake
  • Covered with white frosting
  • Decorated with purple icing
  • The top holds a black, edible graduation cap and a couple lush roses
  • Personalization available on the tray


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