Kids Cake Red Ferrari


Your boy can’t drive just yet, but it doesn’t mean he can’t have the red Ferrari of his dreams! Gift him the ultimate pleasure of owning the silky and shiny red Ferrari car, but make the surprise even more incredible! Below the red hood is a delicious cake, designed to celebrate your kid’s birthday.
This Red Ferrari Kids Cake is an excellent present for kids that dream of becoming racers one day. This single-layered sweet dessert comes in the shape of a car, ready to be sliced from all sides. Reserve the driver’s seat for the birthday boy, and let the others claim any part of the car they want.
This design piece will surely add another highlight to the party, one that your kid will remember even after he finally earns his driver’s license. Memories matter, make sure your kid has enough on his birthday!

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  • Single-layer kid’s cake
  • Covered with red frosting
  • Carved and designed in a shape of a red Ferrari car

  • Personalization available on the tray


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