Kids Cake Red And Ombre

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Is your girl a little sassy princess that loves to wear ruffles? Well, look at what we’ve got for her! This beautiful 2-layer kids birthday cake is called Red Ombre for a reason. The base layer is decorated with fluffy ruffles, in all shades of red, blue, and white.

The second layer is covered with classy white fondant and edible pearls. Finally, the top is adorned with more ruffles and golden crown. Reminds you of one of her princess dresses, doesn’t it?

She will not only be excited, but she will take the utmost enjoyment from cutting her own first slice. Make sure your little princess gets the lush red ribbon.


  • Multi-layer kids cake
  • Decorated with fondant ruffles, a red bow, and a golden crown
  • Personalization available


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