Kids Cake Pokemon

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Here’s an all-time classic cake. It doesn’t come in the traditional cake form, nor does it have the usual decorations, but the theme of this design is so classic that every kid on the block will recognize it. It’s a Pokemon Cake! Break the rules of conventional birthdays. Your kid will be more excited for a theme cake like this than a 4-layer sugar dessert.

This round and delicious cake holds edible Pokemon figurines and comes with red, black, and white colors. You can add the name of your child or a message from the heart on the serving tray.

Gift them a wave of happiness and laughter by letting them show off in front of your friends. It’s not every day of the year you get a Pokemon cake!


  • Single-layer kids cake
  • Shaped in a circle form and designed in the Pokemon theme
  • Personalization available


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