Kids Cake Mermaid

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The seas are filled with mysteries and birthdays are full of surprises! That look of sheer surprise and amazement on your kid’s face is invaluable. No gems and treasures can buy the pleasure of satisfying the curiosity of those big innocent eyes. So, consider this Mermaid cake!

This 1-layer cake will serve a party of close friends and family. It has an interesting play of pastel colors. The soft shades of blue, pink, and white remind you of the fairytales you hear before sleep, the ones that inspire the fantasy and bring the good kind of dreams at night.

The cake is topped with a bouquet of macarons, silver-coated oyster shells, and starfish. The deepest secrets of the sea are on your cake, including the mythical mermaid tail!


  • Single-layer kids cake
  • Covered with blue, pink, and white
  • Decorated with macaroons, sea creatures, and a mermaid tail
  • Personalization available


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