Kid’s Cake Animals

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Everyone loves cartoon animals. But what if we told you that you can invite them to your birthday party? If you are a fan of foxes and lemurs, we might not get them in person, but we can definitely add them to your birthday cake!
So, ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to present our amusing Animal kids cake, fresh from the oven.
This forest-themed cake has two white fondant layers, which are covered in mouthwatering caramel mud. Both layers are additionally adorned with fondant ornaments, imitating earth and grass.
The edible green plant, growing right out of the cake, continues the natural theme of this delicacy. The whole cake is a mini stage for these sweet and cute animals – the fox and the lemur.



  • Multi-layer kids cake
  • Coated with white fondant and caramel icing
  • Decorated with an edible plant, fondant grass ornaments, and animal figures of a fox and a lemur
  • Personalization available


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