Graduation Diploma Cake

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There is one piece of paper you’ve been looking forward to, and that’s your well-earned diploma. So, let this one-layer Graduation Diploma cake serve as an excellent symbol of your joy and happiness.
The one and only layer is decorated with icing designs from all sides, but not the top. The top is reserved for your graduation cap and a text of your choice. Our team will be glad to offer as much personalization for you as you’ll need, so if there is one last message to The Future You, work on it now, because it may as well be on your graduation cake.
Adorn your party with one more sweet moment – a bite from this delicious graduation Diploma cake. And don’t forget to share that moment with your best friends from college!



  • Single-layer cake
  • Decorated with white, yellow, and red icing
  • Personalization available


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