Graduation Cake – Fruit and Chocolate

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There are two temptations in this world that will satisfy your sweet hunger – fruits and chocolate. And since you’ve invested all that hard work and finally graduated, you deserve all the chocolate in the world!
This 2-layer cake is covered with plain white fondant and is dripping with chocolate topping. Fresh, seasonal strawberries decorate all sides of the cake. On the very top, your graduation cap sits proudly as a symbol of your achievement. A diploma-shaped design is attached to the front of the cake, and this is where you’ll have a chance to write your message.
Remember, all design elements are edible and will look magnificent in your photos. Truly, a day to remember!



    • Double-layer cake
    • Covered with white fondant and chocolate topping

Decorated with an edible graduation cap, a diploma parchment, and fresh strawberries Ideal for graduation parties

  • Personalization may be available, please contact our bakery


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