Books and Diploma Graduation Cake

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Remember all those sleepless nights you spent studying for exams? All those essays and research papers? Well, it’s time to celebrate the end of an era! Check out our “Books and Diploma” graduation cake.
We designed it in the shape and image of books and the much-anticipated diploma on the top. Note, we didn’t save up on the thickness of those books, because we know how they tortured you through every semester. It’s time for payback, cut them up in slices and serve them around the room. Let everyone have the delicious taste of knowledge and hard work!
If you have favorites, we can personalize the book covers and the color palette. Have an amazing graduation party and don’t forget to celebrate with a cake!



  • Double-layer cake
  • Designed in the form and shape of books
  • Ideal for graduation parties
  • Personalization may be available, please contact our bakery


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