Chocolate Eclair


A traditional Chocolate Eclair is a perfect dessert treat after a meal or show in Las Vegas. You can also enjoy this elegant pastry for a mid-afternoon break. We create all of our bakery items with the finest ingredients to guarantee your pleasure.

Chocolate Eclair Pastries

These freshly baked treats have a delicious creamy custard filling inside a crisp pastry. The top is layered with chocolate fondant icing. Eclairs are just the right size to sweeten your day. The combination of a crisp pastry shell, creamy filling and chocolate icing will satisfy all of your senses.

Your visit is not complete without a stop at our Las Vegas bakery. Indulge yourself with the finest in freshly created pastries, fruit tarts and unique desserts.



  • Treats have a delicious creamy custard filling
  • Has a chocolate icing


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