Birthday Cake – Tiffany Box


All good things come in small boxes, but we’ve got an exception here. Here’s a Tiffany blue cake that will melt in your mouth and in your heart. So, before you go ahead and unveil your real Tiffany gift (we really hope you thought of that), let her taste this wonderful delight first.
Our “Tiffany Box” cake is an almost exact replica of the Tiffany & Co.’s famous jewelry box. Every woman desires to receive one as a gift. Imagine that same woman receiving the box and the cake in one day! It comes in the well-known blue shade, decorated with a white ribbon in a bow.
We will let you write a personal message on the serving tray!

    • $


  • Single-layer cake
  • Covered with white cake fondant
  • Decorated with a silver crown and candles on the top Ideal for small weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties, and birthdays

  • Contact our bakery for personalization


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