Birthday Cake – Silver Crown


We’ve got a queen in the room! And so we need a cake worthy of her majesty. Check out this simple, 1-layer birthday cake we call “The Silver Crown.” The one and only layer is beautifully patterned, bearing edible golden beads.
However, the noteworthy piece of design is the silver crown sitting on top of the cake. We will make sure to add your age on the cake, but only with your permission, your highness. This cake will never steal your spotlight but will ensure the careless and fun atmosphere at the party.
We’ve designed a minimalistic dessert for your pleasure, but feel free to contact our Las Vegas bakery to request a personalized message on the cake or the serving tray.

    • $


  • Single-layer cake
  • Covered with white cake fondant
  • Decorated with a silver crown and candles on the top Ideal for small weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties, and birthdays

  • Contact our bakery for personalization


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