Birthday Cake – Naked Vanilla

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Getting ready for a sophisticated birthday or wedding party? Introducing lady Vanilla, in nude. Picture the tempting shades of beige and skin pink, delicate macaroons and meringues, and a bouquet of fresh and seductive roses towering over this amazing cake.
It comes in two layers, covered in cream and topping. This cake will be an exquisite addition to a themed party, engagement parties, bridal showers, unforgettable weddings or other special occasions.
And of course, these delicious cake layers will satisfy the entire party, and some of your guests will come back for their seconds! Besides the current decorations, our bakery can also add attributes of personalization to make this cake even more special for you.



    • Double-layer cake
    • Covered with cream and topping.

Decorated with meringues, macaroons, fresh flowers, and leaves Ideal for weddings, bridal showers, engagement parties, and birthdays

  • Contact our bakery for personalization


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