Birthday Cake Heart

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We have uncovered the secret of true love and are ready to share it with all the star-crossed lovers in Las Vegas. Follow the recipe: mix 1 cup of romance with a pinch of joy, gradually add 2 tablespoons of trust, give it a heart shape, bake for an entire lifetime, color with passion, and, finally, serve with a kiss! Bon appetit!
Our Heart cake is designed to celebrate love on birthday parties, Valentine’s Days, weddings, or any other special occasion. This delicious cake is covered in red fondant and features an elegant decor of tiny little hearts. We have also decorated the white serving tray with the same design elements, because the cake is simply not enough; you need to have beauty all around you!
We will also draft a love message in your name and add a choir of candles to cheer for your speech (you have one, right?).
This cake is simple, delicious, and clearly states what 1000 words can’t convey! Order today!

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  • Single-layer baby shower cake
  • The cake is in the form of a heart
  • Coated with red fondant and decorated with a composition of tiny little hearts
    • Personalization available upon request


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