Birthday Cake Grandparents

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What can be more important than family? And why not take the time to learn more about where your roots come from? Discover our Grandparents Birthday Cake! It will not only fill your mood with sweet memories but can also be that family bonfire every family gathering demands. Get together with your grandparents and let them share their stories.
We went the extra mile and created amazing figurines of your grandparents. Do contact us for adding more personalization, send us their photo! We will make sure they well up by the mere sight of this cake.
Our wonderful bakers will also carve out your family tree on the cake so that everyone in your family can be a part of this warm and festive event.



  • Multi-layer birthday cake
  • Covered with white fondant
  • Decorated with your own family tree and figurines of your grandparents
  • Personalization is available on the cake


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