Birthday Cake Flying Butterflies


Have you ever witnessed a wonder like this? Our Birthday Cake Butterfly radiates with the magical sound of soft wings. Presenting our fabulous birthday cake, suitable for any other occasion, as well as all age groups, genders, and preferences.
If the birthday girl or boy loves the exciting flap of butterfly wings, they will most certainly enjoy this cake. It’s covered in glossy pink fondant, which serves as a canvas for the 3D effect. A swarm of shiny butterflies climbs up the cake, meets at the top and continues the adventure.
2 black ribbons hold the base of both layers. This is an exciting and original solution to every birthday table. Cutting a piece of this cake will be all the entertainment you’ll need at the end of the party. Make sure everyone gets a butterfly, no fighting, there is enough for every guest!

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  • Multi-layer birthday cake
  • Covered with lime green fondant
  • Decorated with colorful butterflies and birds
  • Served on a unique wooden tray
  • Personalization available in the form of numbers


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