Birthday Cake Elegant

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Our Elegant birthday cake is a real gem for fans of both gold and chocolate – two earthly pleasures you simply cannot resist. But when you combine these two powerful seductions, you get a piece of dessert your guests will be talking about long after your party is over.
The divine chocolate flavor explodes in the mouth from the very first bite, while the glowing power of gold will tease the appetites for more and more. So make sure you save yourself a piece before you share this precious cake with the guests.
The gold strings are interwoven to form a unique texture for the top layers of the cake, serving as a golden pedestal for the giant chocolate flower. The base layer is dark and mysterious, just like the mouth-watering chocolate, ruffled all around the base layer. Order this elegant cake to level up your game and give your guests something to remember!



  • Multi-layer baby shower cake
  • Covered in chocolate icing with a floral design
  • Embellished with gold strings and a brown fondant flower


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