Birthday Cake – Chefs Uniform

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All Custom Cakes Must Be Ordered At Least 24 Hours In Advance.

Let the chef relax for the day and enjoy their own birthday! Surprise your loved one with a themed birthday cake!
Entirely designed in the shape and form of a Chef’s uniform, this cake does not need any additional explanation. Clean and buttoned up, all ready to get to work. This chef doesn’t like to waste their time!
We’ve reserved the neckline for the candle and the cake tray for extra personalization. Truly minimalistic, beautifully simplified, and pleasingly relevant! Your Chef will appreciate both the design and its taste.
Is there something we missed? Don’t hesitate to contact our bakery to add a detail or a message to this cake.



  • Single-layer cake
  • Designed in the shape of a Chef’s uniform
  • Covered with white fondant
  • Ideal for birthdays and themed parties
  • Personalization is available on the tray


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