Birthday Cake Black Suit

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Class knows no age. Same goes for a fabulous fashion sense and loyalty to the best of traditions. So whether the birthday boy is turning 10 or 30, you simply can’t ignore how perfect this cake would be for them! I bet they will be dressed for the occasion, too! Guess what, we’ve made sure the cake meets the dress code standards as well.
This sweet gentleman is wearing a suit made entirely out of edible cake fondant. We’ve tailored the cake to his taste and have placed meticulous attention to detail. So, there won’t be a single loose thread for him to complain about.
Take the buttons but keep the bow tie for the birthday boy. Suit up and get this party started!



  • Multi-layer birthday cake
  • Covered in black fondant
  • Decorated with a golden grunge texture
  • Personalization available in the form of numbers


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