Baptism Cake Pearly Cross

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Among all our Baptism and Christening cakes, the Pearly Cross is one of the most elegant ones. A simple 2-layer cake holds the holiest of all symbols – the Cross. It stands proudly on the top layer, blessing your soul and the celebration itself. A small bible is set beside it. The book is made from edible cake fondant and fits perfectly into the composition.
A bouquet of heavenly flowers flows down the holy cross, decorating the side of the cake and adding a sense of airy magic. A garden of pearly white and peachy pink flowers is blooming on your cake. Let your days be as rich and lush as this magical garden of Eden.
Finally, we’ve reserved a modest spot for a personalized message. Add a blessing, a word from the heart, or an honest promise to yourself. Now, prepare the knife and get ready for your first slice of this heavenly desert.



  • Double layer cake
  • Entirely covered with pearly white cake fondant
  • Decorated with a cross, a bible, and a collection of white and pink flowers. Personalization is available on the cake



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