Baptism Cake Golden Cross

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If faith is an important part of your life, then we invite you to check out our Golden Cross event cake. It can decorate a table devoted to different occasions – birthdays, baptisms, community events, anniversaries, and even regular family gatherings.
The cake consists of two layers, each is decorated with exquisite golden lace. The main masterpiece – the golden cross – rests on the second layer. The top of the cake is covered with white roses made from edible fondant.
Overall, this cake is a tasteful combination of two classic colors – white and gold – and an entire philosophy behind the design. Let your faith guide you through both the good and the bad times. And for any good occasion, we offer this Golden Cross event cake to celebrate.



  • Double-layer cake
  • Both layers covered in white fondant
  • Both layers are decorated with golden lace

  • Religious theme
  • The top is roofed with edible white flowers


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