Baptism Cake Bible

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The purest and most sacred day of your life is your baptism. It’s the day you present your soul to the God and accept his blessing for life. So, treat your guests with incredible sweetness by ordering our Bible Baptism Cake.
Now is the time to be modest, humble, and kind. We’ve made sure your cake transmits the exact same qualities. It’s a simple and single-layered cake, fully covered with white fondant. The cake is decorated with tiny white daisies that give birth to more elegance and fine taste.
The top holds a small bible and a beaded necklace. The composition is topped with a delicate flower. Add this cake to your classy table of celebration and keep making more unforgettable memories.



    • Single layer cake
    • Entirely covered with white fondant

Designed in the clean color palette of soft beige and baby pink



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