Baby Shower Cake – Sunflower

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You’re welcoming your sunshine into this world, so let us add some sunshine to your cake too! Vibrant with positivity and good mood, this Sunflower baby shower cake is ideal for parents who shy away from the stereotypical blue and pink options. Go with yellow, the color of the sun and summer warmth. Let your cake be a bouquet of sunflowers, like a scentful spring garden.

This 2-layer cake is designed for baby showers and birthday parties. The base layer is decorated with creamy roses, while the top layer is a minimalistic white canvas. The cake culminates with real sunflowers, a ribbon, and your baby’s name and brand new age!

Need to add a message too? Contact our breakers to discuss your request, we can’t wait to build this floral piece for you.


    • Double-layer baby shower cake
    • Covered with white fondant and white creamy roses

Decorated with real sunflowers and a ribbon

  • Personalization is available on the cake
  • Ideal for baby showers and birthday parties


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