Baby Shower Cake Little Captain

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Standing on the shore and waiting for your little captain? It might be a while until he or she arrives, so take the free time you have now to celebration the wait. Trust us, it’s going to be much more difficult to eat a piece of cake by yourself when the captain comes. So have a slice of our Little Captain Birthday Cake now, while you can!

We gave this cake a beautiful shape that sums up the magical period of pregnancy. We also added design elements and colors to stress the sailing theme.

This cake consists of only one layer but it is enough to satisfy the sweet hunger of your guests. This cake is a one-in-all party centerpiece, it looks amazing, tastes fantastic, and will be memorable for years to come!


  • Single-layer cake
  • Comes in the form of a pregnant female bodice
  • Color theme includes white, blue and red
  • Covered in white frosting
  • Contact our bakery in Las Vegas for personalization


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