Baby Shower Cake Dancing Horse

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So, it’s a boy! Sharing the thrill of it all, we’re happy to offer our Dancing Horse baby shower cake. Simple, cheerful, and with an unmistakable focus on the occasion. Covered with sky blue marzipan icing and white polka dots, this dessert will tease your guests’ taste buds. You will also have the option to make it even more personalized by adding your baby’s name on the top layer of the cake. Finally, the symbolic “dancing horse” candy toy will be sitting atop of the piece.

This cake is also a fantastic choice if you’re expecting a girl and don’t want to limit yourself to traditional gender specifications.

Pair it with a tasteful composition of delicious cupcakes and the table will look inviting and memorable. Our bakery in Las Vegas hopes this cake will enrich the mood at your baby’s shower and will put a start to his happy and successful life.


  • A double-layer baby shower cake
  • Topper is a two-colored dancing horse toy


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