Getting married? Excited about the chance to select the wedding cake of your dreams? Making your choice is much easier if you follow a few simple tips that can help to guide you to the perfect wedding cake design.

Start Planning What You Want Early

Planning a custom wedding cake takes time, so make sure that you give yourself and your Las Vegas bakery plenty of time to get it right. Even though the baker is experienced in the art of crafting wonderful displays of sugary confection, custom wedding cakes typically take longer to create from start to finish. Ideally, you should give the bakery at least two months’ notice to order special ingredients, decorating tools, or molds that are needed.

Be Creative with Your Design

Picking your cake should be fun, so it’s okay to get creative with wedding cake ideas! Today’s wedding cake designs include tall, short, sculpted, rectangular, square, and oval shapes, giving you lots of options.

It is important to keep it mind that a sculpted design is probably going to need to be decorated in fondant, a stiff, moldable type of frosting that holds up well in warm temperatures. The durability of fondant promotes its use at outdoor weddings as well. Buttercream frosting is soft and fluffy, making it more susceptible to damage due to the weather, bright lighting, and fingers reaching out for a sample!

Select Your Colors

Take inspiration for your colors from your wedding dress, flowers, and bridesmaids’ dresses. If traditional white-on-white doesn’t set your heart on fire, maybe you should consider modern wedding cake designs that use bold, bright color patterns. Las Vegas wedding cakes are known for their stylistic flare, so let your imagination run wild.

Sample the Cake Flavor/s

So many different wedding cake recipes exist that it is a good idea to attend a cake-tasting session to help you make your decision as to which one you should pick. Typically, you can select four to six different flavors to sample. You can also order a dozen wedding cake cupcakes in each of the flavors that you are considering and bring them home for other members of your family to try. If you intend to choose fondant, make sure that you ask your Las Vegas bakery if you can sample it.

Think Outside the Box

Today’s brides and grooms are opting for variations of the traditional cake, choosing fruit-topped creations, wedding cake cupcakes, and cake pops. This is particularly true for receptions that take place in a less-than-traditional location. Of course, you won’t be able to select a wedding cake topper to use, so make your decision with this in mind.

Select a Reputable Las Vegas Bakery

Your choice of a bakery is perhaps the most important decision you will make. The taste sessions offer an opportunity to discover whether or not you like the bakery’s style, prices, and flavors. If you aren’t happy with the wedding cake recipes that you sampled, you might want to choose a different bakery.