Manan Bakery is a family owned and operated specialty bakery, utilizing Armenian traditions blended with worldwide techniques to create an amazing array of delectable desserts that tantalize the taste buds and satisfy hunger for sweets. Our bakery is always filled with magnificent flavors, amazing aromas, and incredible presentations, all of which are so tempting that no one ever leaves our establishment without a few freshly baked fruit cookies, French macaroons, or baked-from-scratch cupcakes! We take pride in designing and baking the finest wedding cakes, birthday cakes, baby shower cakes, specialty cakes, mouthwatering pastries, fruit tarts, flavorful breads, and scrumptious cookies in all of Las Vegas. Our showroom is located on West Flamingo Road, a convenient spot that allows us to serve the entire greater Las Vegas area, a pleasure that we have been enjoying for some time now.Manan Bakery produces what can only be described as the world’s most incredible array of sweets, gleaned from local favorites, worldwide delicacies, and Armenian culture.




At Manan Bakery, it is all about the flavor for us. We know that when every detail involved in the making of our cakes, cupcakes, or pastries is perfect, then the flavor will be too! Therefore, we use only the finest ingredients along with recipes that our master chef has perfected over the years.At our shop, we create sugary confections that are perfectly designed from start to finish. Whether you order a sweet sixteen or anniversary cake or you come in for an exceptional dessert to celebrate a special occasion, you won’t be disappointed. Our delicious assortment of breads, pastries, cookies, cakes, and tarts are the ideal choices for everyday indulgences as well, simply because they are full of flavor and baked to perfection by our skilled pastry chef. In addition to special occasion cakes, our bakery provides cakes to enjoy on any day of the week. You’ll discover carrot cake, red velvet cake, and so many others that you may find it difficult to choose. You have the entire year to stop by and sample what we have, so you are sure to get the opportunity to try one of everything!


It is our belief that our staff’s dedication to excellence is unparalleled in all of Las Vegas. Many customers have had the opportunity to enjoy wedding, anniversary, and birthday cakes of the highest quality, as well as specialty pastries and cookies offering delectable flavors and mouthwatering dough. With so many different varieties to choose from, we are sure that every customer is going to find a favorite Las Vegas bakery treat to enjoy. Manan Bakery offers numerous types of cupcakes, cakes, breads, cookies, and pastries for our customers to purchase. You’ll find our shelves filled with freshly baked Armenian gata, baklava, baked fruit cookies, cream puffs, French éclairs, French macaroons, chocolate mousse roll, snickers cake, honey cake, and so much more. Striving to deliver a tempting selection of luxurious flavor-filled delicacies, Manan bakery includes pastries from many cultures in its collection of treats. We offer French desserts featuring flaky crusts sweetened with chocolate and cream, American treats filled with bold flavors and local ingredients, and Armenian favorites offering the sweetness of honey, nuts, and cinnamon. Our infusion of European and Armenian delicacies sets us apart in the Las Vegas community, enabling us to satisfy everyone’s craving for a sugary indulgence that offers comfort, contentment, and gratification, all wrapped up in a single slice of bread, cake, or pastry.


One of our primary goals is to bake the moistest cake or pastry in the Las Vegas area, as we strive to deliver the best flavor our customers have ever tasted. Another of our goals is to make our products accessible to everyone, so Manan Bakery offers the best birthday, wedding, sweet sixteen, baby shower, and specialty cake prices. In order to ensure your total satisfaction, our staff is dedicated to our customers, striving to make your special event as successful as possible by providing perfectly crafted desserts of the highest quality. Our customers receive the same high level of customer service just for stopping in and picking up a special treat or a loaf of fresh bread. One of our dearest hopes is that we can fulfill your search for a friendly, fragrant spot to obtain traditional bakery favorites along with the freshest breads, sweetest cakes, flakiest pastries, and finest cookies in all of Las Vegas. We believe that we have the ability to do that. Our master chef is highly talented, and her sugar artistry skills are simply amazing. Every custom cake is baked and decorated to perfection. We offer intricate sugar art designs, unique displays, savory pastries, and the best customer service to be found in any Las Vegas bakery. We sincerely hope to be a major part and contributing member of this community for many years to come. Whether your event is a small, intimate gathering, an extravagant wedding, or a huge birthday party, our Las Vegas bakery can provide magnificent cakes that will look and taste absolutely amazing! Each of our baby shower, anniversary, wedding, and birthday cakes is customizable, giving you a chance to order the cake recipe of your choice and select color combinations for decorating purposes. Our pastry chef can adjust cake recipes to accommodate any number of guests, making sure that you have enough cake to go around to every table. We also offer cake stands and cake toppers that can be used to complete the presentation of your customized cake.The bakery’s existing cake designs are quite popular. Customers can request changes for color combinations and portion sizes to personalize their selections. Plus, you can request the cake recipe of your choice for many of our baby shower, anniversary, wedding, sweet sixteen, and birthday cakes, allowing you to tailor your cake to provide exactly what you want for your special occasion.


Naira Vardanyan, our pastry chef, blends recipe ideas and techniques from around the world with classic Armenian traditions in order to create unique flavors, aromas, and textures for each of her confections. She takes her artistry skills seriously, honing them to perfection in order to deliver classic cakes, breads, pastries, and cookies of unparalleled beauty and taste. If you can imagine it, she can bake it. The daughter of an experienced baker, Vardanyan began to learn her culinary skills at an early age. She embraced her father’s love of baking Armenian delicacies and sweet confections from other cultures for the people of his neighborhood, putting her own twist into a varied selection of sweet delights as she established herself as a well-respected pastry chef in the Las Vegas area. As Chef Vardanyan followed in her father’s footsteps, she discovered that not only can tremendous joy arise from fulfilling her dream of becoming a pastry chef but also from the ability to amaze and please individuals from many walks of life with her incredibly delicious assortment of cakes, including dream cake, caramel cake, green tea cake, peanut cream cake, mango cake, ants nest cake, berry cake, and strawberry short cake. She also whips up amazing specialties like Nutella cake, Kiev cake, Katrin cake, Romeo & Juliet cake, and Luxor cake at this Las Vegas bakery. Most of our flavors are always available at our shop, and our customers can always call ahead to order a freshly made cake.


Chef Vardanyan’s amazing ability to blend traditional Armenian recipes with other cultural techniques is evident in her signature cake, which is the product of her love of baking and much hard work. Blending the distinctive cream and nut flavors found in many Armenian and European recipes with the classic texture found in an American-style sheet cake, Chef Vardanyan created the Manan House Cake. This mouthwatering, sugar-indulgent dessert is an almond-flavored, airy-textured confection that provides the perfect finish for an evening meal or celebratory banquet. This particular cake clearly exemplifies Chef Vardanyan’s high level of artistry skills as she blends two of the most important characteristics of eating pastries and cakes into a single entity. Combining premium flavor with desirable texture, Chef Vardanyan delivers the ultimate satisfaction for the enjoyment of eating dessert. Chef Vardanyan is a true artist when it comes to sugary confections. She welcomes the opportunity to bring a deluxe assortment of sweets to the community, providing something to satisfy everyone’s idea of what a good dessert really is. While she focuses on this task, she continues to experiment with cultural and traditional treats in hopes of discovering an even more amazing delicacy to offer her customers. Her creations are always a delight for our patrons to enjoy, no matter what their cultural background is. We have a dedicated commitment to the provision of the highest quality in pastries, cakes, breads, cookies, and customer service. This commitment has given us many loyal customers who come back to visit us and purchase sweets again and again. Please come and visit Manan Bakery if you are in need of a birthday cake, baby shower cake, wedding cake, anniversary cake, pastries, or cookies.